nature-inspired AI

consumes less power than an average gaming computer.

zPod on ground

India’s first fully autonomous ride

Front of the zpod
front of zPod

True vision autonomy

Relies purely on camera vision and a highly-power efficient computer for making decisions.

Nature-Inspired AI

Inspired by the human brain, zPod is the most human-like driver on the planet.

Safety at its core

Ensuring you have the best experiences without compromising your safety.

Greener planet

consumes less power than an average gaming computer.

India experiences around 1130 road accidents daily, almost 90% of which happen due to human error.

While you are reading this, 1 unfortunate person would have lost his precious life on the road.

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Movement shouldn’t come at such high costs.

Safer streets, enjoyable commute

zPod’s enhanced suit of algorithm executes end-to-end decision-making within a few milliseconds, which is 20-30X faster than any human. This ensures much safer movement.

Accelerating the world's transition to autonomous mobility


zPod does not need a driver, removing the need to make the vehicle driver-centric. It is built for riders, without the driving hassle


We are meant to interact face to face, not while facing someone’s back. And that’s what you get to do in a zPod.


You shouldn’t be worried about finding directions or getting hit by another vehicle, let zPod take care of driving.


zPod runs on highly power-efficient systems that consume less energy than your average gaming computer.

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Image of zPod Running on road

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